MCC offers several times of worship, study, and fellowship each week, so you can find a time that works best for you and your family.

Our youth staff is committed to building strong, positive relationships with the students. We are not here to build numbers, but to help teens grow in Christ so they will exemplify a Godly character as adults. Your teenager will never be just a number to our youth workers, they will be an important part of our family and will be cared for deeply by adults with integrity and a Christ centered approach to ministry.

Youth ministry opportunities include Sunday School, IGNITE Worship, Small Groups and other scheduled activities. We are excited about the opportunity to minister to the students, and invite you to bring your teen to any of our activities or programs so that they might be able to grow along with us.

Craig Piatt is our Youth Minister here at MCC. He has a passion for those who don’t know Christ and for youngsters’ needs. He is committed to making sure Jr. & Sr. High students come to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord.

At Millersburg Christian Church, we believe that what your child learns about Jesus from the time they are born through elementary school age is what sets the foundation so well described in Proverbs 22:6. "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Our leaders and volunteers lovingly share Jesus in all of our age appropriate programs. Our Children's Ministry, known as "Genesis" focuses on opportunities to ensure that your child is receiving the best learning and understanding of God's Word as they BEGIN THEIR JOURNEY with Christ.

We offer a safe and secure environment for your children. When you bring your children into the "Genesis" wing, they will be registered by our computerized security system. This allows us to track who is authorized to pick up your child. While in class, they will learn valuable hands-on lessons from the Bible, worship together, engage in prayer, and have plenty of fun!

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in the spiritual upbringing of your child. Through all of the ministry programs and opportunities we provide, our first and foremost desire is that your child comes to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that they grow in their relationship with Him. If you have any questions about our Children's Ministry here at MCC, please contact Jennifer Piatt.

Lives are formed and transformed in small groups when people meet together to pray, to study, to engage in fellowship, or to work on a specific task. 

Small groups offer an intimate, casual atmosphere in which friendships bloom. Because of the close-knit setting, spiritual maturity, accountability and Bible study deepens to a whole new level which can be difficult to obtain in a corporate setting.

Here at MCC our vision is to have 100% participation in our small group program. Wes McElravy is our Small Group leaders and is continuously striving towards that goal. We have several in-home small groups currently meeting, and if you are interested in one of these, please contact the church office and we will direct you to a group that will meet your needs.

We strive to utilize ALL the talents of our members. We offer many different avenues to serve the Lord in your daily life. Some of our ministry teams include: worship, community focus, benevolence, property maintainence, food and communion preparation, missions, creativity, media, youth, children's ministry and drama.


Changing lives every day.